Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healing versus Integration

As someone who believes that the Universe is benevolent and as A Course In Miracles teaches, nothing has meaning except what we assign to it, I have been pondering the use of the term "healing" in my every day speech.

Realizing that my words create my reality, is it possible that as a society we perpetuate the very conditions we wish to see eradicated by using a word that carries the vibration that something is wrong? That it is less than satisfactory, which in of itself is a thought based on judgment.

Interestingly, a google of the word "healing" does not bring up links to mainstream medicine, rather it yields a multitude of links to metaphysical healing, i.e., spiritual health, faith healing, and energy healing.

The term "heal" which is the root word in "healing" predates the twelve century with the etymology as Old English haelan, hal with the associated meaning of "whole." Thus as a transitive verb "heal" means "to make whole."

So, then if "heal" means to make whole, conversely the person being healed is less than whole, less than perfect, and less than complete. With this definition in mind, it starts to take on the same vibration as the word "sin," which means "to miss the mark." Are we starting to see how using words like "heal" and "sin" carries the ancient almost biblical vibratory frequency that something is "wrong," it is "less than," instead of being in the place of acceptance of what is?

A widely held meaning of "healing" is the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering. "Suffering" another ancient almost biblical word with the vibration of "less than," experiencing the pain of being less than whole.

The words, "heal," "sin," and "suffering" all carry the vibration of the collective experience that our reality is not whole, perfect and complete. If we hold these words in our consciousness can we expect to experience a shift to something other than what we hold as our belief system? I do not think so.

So if we remove the words "heal" and "healing" from our conscious language what do we use to describe when we experience an illusionary energetic shift back to our foundation state of wholeness?

What about the word, "integration?" Interestingly, while derived from the Latin, integer which also signifies a return to wholeness, it carries a much different societal frequency with a vibration of acceptance of what is. The widely held definition of integration is "the coordination of mental processes into a normal effective personality or with the person's environment." By the way, this word was coined around 1620 verses the word "heal" which was coined around 900.

From physics we understand that our personal observation affects our perception of our reality, therefore, does the word "integration" more accurately describe the process we go through to be brought back to our remembrance that we are perfect, whole and complete? Personally, when I use the word "integration" in relation to myself or working with another who has forgotten the remembrance of our perfection it helps us stay in the place of acceptance and the realization that we are simply shifting our relationship with the energetic pattern.

If the macro is a representation of the micro and vise versa, then when we "coordinate" the flow of energy into harmony with our environment of our biology bubble containing our life force, then everything else shifts back into the harmoniously realization that all is perfect, whole and complete.

My sincere hope is that we can start to envision ourselves as energy integrators instead of energy healers. This helps us to realize that there is nothing "wrong" that needs to be gotten rid of, rather that we are simply integrating our energy into a harmonious relationship with the Universe so that we are in flow. Once in the flow we are able to live our life with ease and grace detached from the outcome, always knowing that whatever is happening in the moment is for the highest good of all involved.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Chaos of Change - Is It Really?

Every day that goes by seems to bring with it more news of change. Depending on our perspective, the change may be felt as something positive or negative. We can feel the angst in the air. What will tomorrow bring? Will we be able to count on our society tomorrow as we do today? The ease in which we traverse the chaos of change is directly proportional to the amount of attachment we have to the status quo.

If we are someone that truly thrives on consistency we may feel out of sorts when things begin to shift. If, on the other hand, we are someone that anticipates new opportunities we may feel excitement as to what may be on its way.

Our planet is experiencing huge paradigm shifts. ALL of us, whether we are conscious of of it or not, are shifting in our belief systems. The current illusion of chaos is bolstered with the breakdown in the fabric of our economy and socio-political systems. Yet, we must remember, that the emergence of new paradigms is always proceeded by the destruction of what is currently in place.

If an old home in major ill repair occupies a lot of land and we want to replace it with something that is new and better, we have two choices. We can remodel or we can tear it down and start over. In many cases a remodel takes more expenditure in money and energy than just tearing it down and begin anew.

We must assess our "home," locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Do we truly want our children to inherit our "home" the way it is right now? I think not! The "roof" of government is collapsing due to self serving power mongers set on fleecing humanity. The "walls" of business are crumbling from the greed and corruption of its leaders. The "floors" of humanity can barely make ends meet with dual incomes, never mind the countries where the unemployment has skyrocketed. We haven't even looked in our "backyard" at the horrors being thrust on eco-systems of our planet...this is not what I want to leave as a legacy for my children or grandchildren.

I am excited to see the current "home" collapsing. Very soon, the demolition team will completely take it down to an empty lot where we can once again construct a new system that will benefit the collective of humanity and not just a three percent minority.

So, what do we do while it all crumbles around us. Universal principle says to focus on that which we wish to see expand. We can stay in the place of "being" centered, knowing that all is well. That all that appears to be chaos, is not! It is part of the transformation. It is part of the process. We stay "steady." We reach out to one another realizing that we are all ONE. That what happens to one of us, happens to all of us. We breathe comfort to one another. Our realization is that you and me equals WE...AND, we begin to open to NEW ideas, NEW a NEW socio-economic system that brings value to all who share our home with us!

It is no longer, Yes..we can!!! It is now, YES...WE WILL!!!

YES, We Will Survive!!!
YES, We Will Thrive!!!
YES, We Will Be the Change We Wish To See In The World!!!
YES, We Will Create A New Tomorrow, TODAY!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Being Spoon Fed by The Media

A friend of mine stated that viewing the news media is like looking through the window to see snipets of where the consciousness of humanity is in real time. My personal opinion is that viewpoint would be valid if our news media truly reported the truth AND reported the thousands of positive things that are going on in the world everyday instead of mainly the negative. Our news media is very biased and distorted and is used to manipulate the minds of the "sheeple" who systematically drink the foul waters of mass deception without even questioning its validity.

If a person wishes to fill their heads with vibration lowering news and consciousness destroying entertainment then at least be willing to counter it with personal research and uplifting programing. We need to take responsibility for the world we are creating by means of our own thoughts, emotions and spouted conversations. I stay informed by reading the Yahoo page when I turn on my computer to check my emails. That is all I need to know to stay aware.

Every minute that clicks by is a minute we can't get back. How I choose to program my unconscious which directly impacts what I then send out into the universal hologram is my conscious responsibility. I take this responsibility seriously. It is a conscious choice to aid in the upliftment of humanity to NOT buy into the shameful manipulation of the masses. It is my passion to help convert our planet of "sheeple" into "people."

I whole heartedly espouse being aware of what is going on around us and to dig much deeper into what is set out in the media. We need to ask the questions, "Who is the origin of the information?" "Who stands to gain should I choose to believe what they are saying?" "Could the truth be the exact opposite of I am being asked to believe?"

Universal truth is that our energy goes where our attention goes. Where are we focusing our energy? On what we don't want or on what we DO want? A person's worldview is directly proportionate to what they choose to digest on a daily basis. A view that humanity has deteriorated is a result of ingesting the twisted propaganda that is dished up to us.

If we focus on all the positive actions going on daily by everyday people; not the reported twisted greed of power mongers that represent a small percentage of mankind, our vision is now cleared to see the higher consciousness that is emerging and the beauty of the shift in perception that we are all One.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome to LIGHT Beams

Well, this is my first attempt at "blogging." Writing is not the difficult part. Words come easy to me. With my ascending sign in Gemini that is really a given. The challenge is the technology. I am sure with a little perseverance I will make it through the process. In little less then three weeks (yes, you know the magic 21 day rule) I should have this down. I am hoping that other expressive LIGHT Bearers will join in this blog.

Words are powerful co-creating tools. Everything that is in existence today was first a thought. The thought was comprised of words, thus we could say that all things material were first words. With that in mind, we do well to think carefully before uttering our little gems. This is called "conscious language."

Perhaps we can have our first exchange developed on this topic of "conscious language."

"Conscious Language" denotes speaking in a manner that honors words as building blocks of our personal reality. Physical science has proven that observation by the viewer impacts the actual results. That is why multiple observers will almost always have a different version of what really happended during an event. To each person their version is the "real" or "true" version; and it is for them in their reality.

If we take that one step further, it is more than mere observation that impacts our reality; it is our thoughts coupled with our emotional feelings. Our attitude truly determines our altitude. If we "expect" the world to be plotting against us it most assuredly will. If we "expect" that the world will support us in fulfilling our dreams that is the reality we will experience. Our language is a reflection of where we are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

There is a scripture that says, "out of the treasures of the heart, the mouth speaks." We are know learning that our "heart" is actually the co-creator. It is the center of all that we desire and all that we manifest. If we have a heart of light and an emitter of positive emotions, we will utlimately create a world of positive experiences. If our heart is "dark" and depressed what do you feel will our world be like? Yes, the direct opposite of what we would like to experience.

So, let's look at the "words" we use to program our unconscious thoughts as well as our intentions and ultimately our expectations. The first category is Action words. When we speak our action words, are we standing in our power or are we "wishy-washy" in our statements? Do we "try" to accomplish something or do we know we "will?" When requesting something from another are we asking "could" they do it or "would" they do it? Do we feel determined when we make our action statements? Do we "know" that when we request help from another they they "will" be eager to comply?

Another aspect of "conscious language" is learning to make positive statements versus negative ones. The Universe nor our mind recognizes "no" or "don't." Telling our children, "Don't forget your homework," is programming them to "forget" it. Practice uttering your requests the way you want them to show up for you. "Will you please stop by the store to buy some milk for dinner?" That has just put the proper image in the mind of the person fulfilling the request.

More later . . .

Till next time...may all your days be filled with LIGHT Beams....Namaste'